What You Should Know When Building a Team of Offshore Developers

Let’s take a closer look at offshore developer teams and help you decide if they are right for you.

3 reasons why you should hire offshore developers
1. Lower operating costs- India and Eastern Europe are cheap places to build teams. These areas have a lower cost of living, therefore office space, equipment, and salaries are lower.

2. Access to enormous talent pools- Software developers with excellent qualifications are hard to find in Western Europe and America. The US skills shortfall has increased in the past decade. However, IT hubs like Bangalore create more top-tier IT engineers than anywhere else.

3. An opportunity to scale fast- Scaling a firm quickly is challenging. Offshoring allows businesses to expand, hire engineers faster, and adapt faster.

Are there any concerns about offshore development?
Despite the popularity of employing offshore developers, some companies are still concerned if it’s the correct choice. Lets look at some frequent concerns regarding hiring offshore employees and how The Scalers addresses them:

Engineers that appreciate good software are in high demand. Due to the West’s skills scarcity, many companies outsource their internal capacity to consultants but this needs to be more sustainable and the hazards typically exceed the advantages. The Scalers operate differently. We provide unrestricted access to India’s top engineers. Our clear, transparent, and no-nonsense offshore strategy lets you tap into the country’s vast talent pool, employ world-class offshore developers, and construct a committed workforce.

Offshoring security is a major problem. Security breaches are sometimes called an “offshore phenomenon” since outsourcing development to a vendor doesn’t protect your intellectual property. The Scalers’ agreements explicitly disclose your contract conditions. Our partners should likewise examine encrypted data and use powerful firewalls to secure their trade secrets. As long as you take measures like at home, you should be OK.

Businesses worry about cultural mismatch when recruiting offshore developers. India’s working conditions and culture have a bad reputation. Yet, we underestimate the world’s flexibility. Thus, there are more similarities than differences, and it’s generally a matter of perspective. To address this, we’ve created a language and culture-focused recruitment approach. The Scalers don’t discriminate. Our specialized development team approach builds a strong team culture with your corporate DNA.

Vetting an offshore development partner
Many businesses brand themselves as “offshore development specialists,” but it’s important to establish their reliability and competence early on. Here are several ways to choose the appropriate offshore team.

Look at their work history
Case studies are the perfect indicators of the kind of work the company has done, its success, its approach to people, and the type of clients that they typically work with.

Ask real questions
Talk to the company’s senior management to know the ethos and attitude of those running the business. Find out if they have a requirement-based recruitment process to help you source the specific skills and cultural fit you need.

Evaluate their approach to communication
When working with a partner located 10,000 miles away, effective communication is key. During your early conversations, are responses to emails and calls fast and polite? When discussing requirements, does the company sound confident? Any red flags should be taken seriously.

Finding the right offshore developers for your business
A foolproof recruitment procedure is essential to hiring the finest for your business. Your offshore development team’s experience will be crucial here. We believe we’ve perfected the process of developing offshore IT teams. We use a 7-step methodology to find the finest offshore developers for our partners.

Talent Scouting: The initial search, prescreening, and first contact.
Logical Skills Test: To make sure candidates can tackle complex problems easily.
Technical Expertise: A one-day, in-office practical assessment with our technical panel to measure understanding of concepts.
Mock Assignment: A three-day project done at home to get a holistic overview of the candidates’ ability to architect a solution.
HR Interview: An in-depth screening to gain better insight into candidates’ personality and individual quirks.
Manager interview: A conversation to determine whether a developer is the right cultural fit for your business.
Final Stage: You perform the final interviews and choose your champions.
The Scalers’ model: the smart way to go offshore

At The Scalers, we implement a simple three-step model to help you take your business offshore.

1. We build your team
Your offshore developers in Bangalore are selected among the world’s most brilliant engineers who have designed cutting-edge software for Google, Amazon, and IBM. 1.5 million engineers graduate in India annually. We select the top 1%.

2. We run your operations
Our hands-off methodology lets you focus on your team, software development, and business growth. We undertake the operational and administrative hard lifting so you don’t have to.

3. You scale without limits
We can help you expand and boost capacity quickly. Your engineers in Bangalore are engaged by a Chief Happiness Officer who implements your vision and culture.

It’s crucial to find and recruit talented developers for your tech staff. You can tap into global talent pools and obtain capabilities you can’t always locate at home with the right development partner. While they handle recruiting, team setup, operational heavy lifting, and daily administration, you can focus on creating innovative, new customer offerings.

Our model guarantees that you employ the greatest tech talent for your business, it fosters a strong and united team culture and optimizes operating expenses. It’s a cross-continental extension of your team, not outsourced support.